London Cabbie Game by Intellect Games (1971)

London Cabbie Game by Intellect Games (1971)

Brand:Intellect Games
Product Code:A069
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London Cabbie Game by Intellect Games (1971)
This is a Great Game from the 1970's and is fun to Play but also very Nostalgic as you travel around 70's London and see how much it has changed.
In this Game you are a Cabbie with the Aim of being the first one to reach £20 in fares and Tips.
The Game Board is a Map of London with all its one way systems ,  5 Pick up Cards are Played and each Cabbie rushes to try and reach them before the other Players,
Once you pick up your Passenger he will give you a destination and when you reach it you will be paid and you might also be given a tip for your troubles.
When you reach a certain amount of Money you can start a Second Cab to speed up your Revenue.
Being a Cabbie is not an easy life especially when other Players put Traffic Jams in your Route but also if you take a wrong turn down a one way system which could
put miles on your Journey.
Careful planning of your Journeys are needed and a bit of luck with your Passengers to be crowned the Winner in this Game.
This is a Rare Game to find not only complete but in Good Condition.
The Game is for 2 to 6 Players, Aged 12 Years to Adult.

The Game is Complete and the Contents are in Excellent Condition.
The Box is in Very Good Condition for its Age.

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