Go - The International Travel Game by Waddingtons (1961)

Go - The International Travel Game by Waddingtons (1961)

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Go - The International Travel Game by Waddingtons (1961)
This is an Excellent Family Game that is even more fun now than when it first was released and is very nostalgic.
The Aim of the Game is to Travel the World and collect a Number of Souvenirs which will depend on the number of Players,
and then be the first player back to London.
To reach a destination , you must first buy a Ticket which can be either an Air,Sea,Rail or Road from a Travel Agent and then
you  can set off on your Journey, along the route you could encounter Risks which vary from a slight inconvenience to sending you to
the other side of the World.
The Beauty and nostalgia of this Game is the Currency , you can only Buy Tickets and Souvenirs in the Local Currency , Each Country has its own Currency
which must be exchanged.
The Currencies are from a by-gone era , so you have Marks for Germany,Francs for France,Lire for Italy etc etc. 
The Game is for 2 to 6 Players, Aged 10 Years to Adult

The Game is Complete and the Contents and the Box are in Excellent Condition for its Age

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