Explore Europe Board Game by Ravensburger (1992) Unplayed

Explore Europe Board Game by Ravensburger (1992) Unplayed

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Explore Europe  Board Game by Ravensburger (1992)
This is a wonderful Travel Game that all ages will enjoy.
This is a Travel Race where you are given 7 Destination Cards of Europe's most wonderful Cities to visit.
You must plan your Route carefully deciding whether to go by Land,Air or Sea to be the first one to complete their Journey 
in the Quickest possible time.
On your way you will take Instructions cards which might help you but will most likely hinder your Travelling Plans.
This Company always makes Quality Games which have a high Quality feel and this one is no different.
You will enjoy looking at the Destination Cards just as much as playing the Game.
The Game is for 2 to 6 Players, Aged 10 Years to Adult.

The Game Contents seem unplayed as all the Destination Cards are still in their  wrap and the Board Etc is Excellent.
The Box is in Very Good Condition for its Age.

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