Upwords -3D Word Game by Parker (1994)

Upwords -3D Word Game by Parker (1994)

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Upwords -3D Word Game by Parker (1994)
Upwords is the exciting 3D Word Building Game that's stacks of Fun.
Easy to Play and simple to Learn, it's a Game for all the Family - no matter how many words you know !
On each Turn add new words to the Board or stack up letters to change existing Words.
You don't even need to use many Letters - just one could make your Score Sky High !
Scoring is Simple - Just add up the number of Letters in your Word and don't forget any bonus Points !
At the end of the Game,if your Score is the Highest,you Win the Game.
Every Game of Upwords turns out differently - it all depends on the Words you make and the Letters you change.
Build up Words and Build up your Score - you'll have stacks of Fun.
The Game is for 2 to 4 Players, Aged 9 Years to Adult.

The Game is Complete and the Contents are in Very Good Condition.
The Box is in Good Condition for its Age.

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