Wicketz - Cricket Board Game Limited Edition by A W Compton (1988) Rare

Wicketz - Cricket Board Game Limited Edition by A W Compton (1988) Rare

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Wicketz - Cricket Board Game Limited Edition by A W Compton (1988) Rare
This is where Wicketz all began, A Gentlemen's enthusiasm for this great Sport became a reality when he designed and Produced this iconic Game.
With the help from his Family he created a Limited Edition run of 200 Games ,with each Game being of very high Quality.
This limited Edition also had unique features which were later removed for cost saving purposes by the Manufacturer who acquired the rights for a production run.
The Features include a Large Depth Box ,Better Quality Board,A Scoreboard that is a work of Art ,512 Cards (The Manufacturer reduced these to 246 Cards),11 different numbered Batsmen.
Hand Painted Figures.
The Manufactured Production run Game is a extremely Good representation of our Noble Sport but this Edition adds to that due to the increased Card Number which adds more variety to each innings,Rules for each numbered Batsmen with the openers being more difficult to get out than batsmen further down the line. I have also included some press articles on the Game and an Interview with the Man himself on how and why he produced this Special Game.

The Board Game Wicketz claims to be the most sophisticated representation of a Sport as yet evolved.
Its realism and originality enable the Player or Players to be "in the middle" and represent Teams of their Past or Present Idols.
In applying their own Skills and Cricketing Knowledge each Batsman can be Portrayed in Turn to compile a Team Innings.
By the same Token, the opposite Player can by imaginative Field Placings, and Bowling Decisions,seek to contain the Score
until it is their Turn to reply.
The immense variety provided by the 512 Different Cards showing a response to any one of 12 Batting Strokes played to the 9 Bowling Deliveries,
combine to ensure no Two Games are ever alike.
A limited 40 over innings will take about 1 1/2 Hours but longer Games including 2 Innings Test Matches can equally be Played.
Wicketz can be Played at various Levels to suit all Players and Advanced Rules are incorporated to accommodate more Proficient Players.
This is a Great Game for anyone at all Levels but the detailed Miniatures that come with the Game add a bit of Atmosphere which adds to its enjoyment.
The Game is for 2 or more Players, Aged 10 Years to Adult.
The Game is Complete and the Contents are in Excellent Condition for its Age.
The Box is also in Excellent Condition for its age.
At present I have both the Limited Edition and the Manufacturers Game on the Shop ,so if you wanting just to play a Great Game of Cricket then the Manufactured Game by R.D.A  will suit but if you are a Collector who is after a bit of Board Game History with more added Features then this one is the one for you.

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