War at Sea - Strategy / War Naval Board Game by Avalon Hill (1976)

War at Sea - Strategy / War Naval Board Game by Avalon Hill (1976)

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War at Sea - Strategy / War Naval Board Game by Avalon Hill (1976)
War at Sea abstractly portrays the Battle of the Atlantic during World War 2 between the British and German Fleets,
The British must establish a Blockade in the North Sea and Barents Sea to Stop the German Raiders reaching the open Sea's.
Whereas the Germans will try to hit and run while keeping their Escape Routes and Options open.
Every Capital Ship that took part in the action is represented including the Bismarck,Tirpitz,Hood,Ark Royal and Victorious.
There are also Rules to include U Boats,Italians,Russian and American Navies.
War at Sea is a simple strategic war game covering the Battle of the Atlantic and naval warfare of the Mediterranean in WW2.
The game divides the Atlantic into 6 sea areas. Each turn the players move their ships from port countries to one of the areas.
After all ships have been moved, a battle occurs. After a number of rounds, until one side or the other retreats or loses all of his ships, the player with ships left takes control of the area and a scores a number of "Points of Control". (Exception: German U-boats only have to survive one round anti-submarine combat and may stay in the area, even if the area has Allied ships. The Allies cannot score if a U-Boat occupies the area.)

Additional points are also earned for convoys successfully crossing the Atlantic to England or Russia .
The Game is for 2 Players,Aged 12 Years to Adult
The Game is Complete and the Components are in Good Plus Condition for its Age,
The Box is also in Good plus Condition with the only real fault is a small bit of illustration missing from the Box Base (see picture) but otherwise it has survived very well 
for over 45 Years.

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