Europe Engulfed War 2nd Edition Game by GMT Games (2006)

Europe Engulfed War 2nd Edition Game by GMT Games (2006)

Brand:GMT Games
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Europe Engulfed War 2nd Edition Game by GMT Games (2006) 
This is an epic Strategy /War Board Game that took  over 13 Years of design and Development that covers the whole war in Europe from 1939 to 1945.
The Game plays fast and focus is on playability  making Players feel the pressures of their Historical Counterparts,
and all this without sacrificing Historical detail.
There is a unique Fog of War with only the controlling Player can see if their units are Infantry or Armour,weak or Strong until combat is engaged.
The inability to know the strength of your opponents ensures that even the most experienced Players will make their fair share of Strategic errors.
The Game system has an inventive Production system which you can use to produce Fleets,Strategic Bombers,Fighters,U Boats,Ground Support Units,
Flak,Infantry,Armour,Paratrooper and V-Weapons etc.
The Game Board is Huge allowing plenty of room for over 283 Wood Block Units.
Can you succeed where other have failed.
This is the 2nd Edition Version which is similar to the 1st Edition but has some updated Rules and some extra Tokens,
The Game is for 2 to 3 Players,Aged 14 Years to Adult.

The Game is Complete and the contents are in excellent Condition,
The Box is Excellent for its Age.

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