Tipp Kick Cup - Table Football Game by Tipp-Kick (New)

Tipp Kick Cup - Table Football Game by Tipp-Kick (New)

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Tipp Kick Cup - Table Football Game by Tipp-Kick (New)
This is a Deluxe Version of this Famous Football Game that was developed in Germany in the 1920's and is still going strong today under the same Family.
This is a real quality Game that takes you back to a by gone era and is massive in Germany where there are many Leagues and Competitions.
The Beauty of the Game is the Simplicity of the Rules that any age can play. Young Children to Adults can play this on equal Terms and it is very addictive.
Players each have 1 field player and 1 goalie which are about 70mm (3") high and these are made of Metal and are Hand Painted,
There is a unique  14-sided black and white "ball" that determines the possession.The colour on the top of the ball determines who is next to kick.
The Players kick the Ball by pressing the button on the Players Head which activates the Players leg to kick the ball.
The opposing Player may position his defender two Player Lengths away to try and block the Shot but is not allowed to enter his own Penalty Area.
The Goalkeepers are operated by Two Buttons which allow them to dive Left or Right
After the kick the possession is once more decided and the same procedure starts all over again.
The Game is Played over Two 5 minute Halves , whoever scores the most Goals Wins.
This is a very attractive Game and extra Accessories can be Purchased to enhance your Enjoyment which include numerous Players in their different Team Strips,Scoreboards,Ball Colours,Floodlights etc etc
The Tipp Kick "Cup" is a Deluxe Set which contains:
Large Felt Pitch 110 x 65 cm
Two Mesh Goals
Two Players (Red/White,Yellow Black)
Two Goalkeepers (Red and Yellow)
Pitch Surround Fencing with advertising  which interconnects

The Game is for 2 to 4 Players ,Ages 5 to Adult
The Game is New in its Shrink Wrap

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