Classic Club Edition Set by Zeugo (New)

Classic Club Edition Set by Zeugo (New)

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Classic Club Edition Set by Zeugo (New)
This is an Excellent Quality Table Football Set from Zeugo and is the true successor to Subbuteo,
This  Set contains all you need to play this wonderful Game.
 1 Pitch (Cloth)
 2 Goals
 2 Balls
 22 Players in Red /Blue
 2 Goalkeepers
 Rules of the Game
Zeugo have an excellent reputation for Quality and this is shown in the Players which are made of a Sturdy Plastic which gives a Quality Feel,
along with the improved Profibases which allows excellent control of the Players when flicked ,This in many ways makes them  superior
 to the Famous Subbuteo Players of the past.
As everything is on the same scale many Players interact the Zeugo Equipment with Subbuteo which can give your Matches a true European Feel.
The Game is for 2 Players , Aged 8 Years to Adult

The Game is New in its Shrink Wrap

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