Battle of the Little Big Horn by Waddingtons (1964)

Battle of the Little Big Horn by Waddingtons (1964)

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Battle of the Little Big Horn by Waddingtons (1964)

The Sioux and Cheyenne Indians were increasingly hostile to the prospectors pouring across North and South Dakota. Chief Sitting Bull gathered a force, by the Little Big Horn river, just north of the Montana-Wyoming border, ready to strike. Three columns of US Cavalry were dispatched to subdue the Indians.

Now you can re-live this historic battle, and you can plan your own strategy. Can you find a way to get Custer, or at least his flag, clear of the battlefield?

This game is based on the well known battle of Little Big Horn, where some united Native American Indians won against General Custer's 7th cavalry.
A Great game combining luck and strategy with different mechanics for different units.

The Terrain effects movement and gives advantages when the fights begin. Horses move faster than foot units and Carrying a Rifle enables some ranged attacks.

Winning conditions are different for the 2 opponents: Custer's men can either eliminate all Three Native American Indian Chiefs or cross the Little Big Horn River and place the Flag on one of 2 winning spaces on the board, the Native Americans can win by Capturing the Flag or eliminating General Custer and his 2 officers.

The Game is for 2 Players, Aged 8 Years to Adult
The Game is Complete and the Contents are in Very Good Condition ,
The Box has great Artwork as can be seen from the picture and is in Very Good Condition for its Age 
The Game copyright is 1964 but I think this is slightly later as it has the Plastic Insert Tray and the Board is the deluxe Mounted Type (earlier Boards were of a very Thin Card which was hard to keep flat. 
The Game is quite collectable due to the Cavalry and Indian Playing Figures but also the Game Play which has hidden Depths,

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